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Spectator Questions: 928-266-6566

Big Sandy Full Auto Rental

The SPECTATOR entrance fee plus the price of the rental/ammo is all you need to rock and roll.

MG Shooter's LLC will be the only unit renting weapons, in the rental position of the line.

No user supplied ammo is permitted. All ammo will be provided by MG Shooter's LLC.

Weapons and Pricing

M2HB, 50 BMG - $4.00 per round ($32 minimum)

1919A4 30 BMG - $30 for 20 round belt

Assorted LMG, SMG - $30 per magazine (M16, Thompson, Uzi etc.)

PK - $30 for 20 rounds

For special events during a Big Sandy shoot, or during private range time, with advanced booking, almost any small arm can be arraged. Contact Kenton Tucker via the About Us page for custom weapon and equipment rentals.

Register For The Shoot

Registration For Fall Shoot

Pre-registration for the 10th Anniversary, shoot of October 2014 is now open. You can download your form HERE or visit the registration page. If you're a vendor, we will be holding the 3rd Big Sandy gun show during the shoot. More info TBA.

2014 Fall Letter to Big Sandy Shooters

Please join Ed and Kenton for celebrating the 10th year of operation here at the Big Sandy. It will be another big deal this fall. Read letter from the managers HERE.

Cobat Pistol - Big Sandy Shoot 24-25 October 2014

Tacflow Academy will be holding a combat pistol course during the 10th anniversary shoot this fall. Check them out on Friday and Saturday, 24-25OCT14. Classes will run from 9am to 12pm, break from 12pm (noon) to 2pm to eat and enjoy the daytime events, and resume from 2pm to 5pm with plenty of time to attend the night shoot. See their website for more info, registration forms. Tacflow website.

Big Sandy Spring Match Results

Winners and others posted. See the matches page for details.

Big Sandy Raffle Winners

Winner's Page

Big Sandy Spring Pictures

The Spring Big Sandy went very well. New photos are HERE. Take a look.

Big Sandy Range Rentals/Lease

Contact Kenton Tucker
for dates and rates

  • Private camping events
  • Testing programs
  • Video and film production
  • Special FX audio/video
  • Private machine gun rentals
  • Aerial gunnery
  • Motor-cross
  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Desert survival
  • Desert horticulture
  • Orienteering
  • Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs?
    Training Class/Packages to include:
  • Marksmanship
  • Sniping
  • Submachine gun
  • Combat pistol
  • Carbine and shotgun

    October Shoot Dates Announced

    The Fall Big Sandy is slated for 24-25-26 OCT 2014. This shoot will mark the 10th anniversary of the Big Sandy. Make a note!

    2014 MG Shooters LLC