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Spectator Questions

Big Sandy Shoot

General Information

Released: 25JAN16

  • Shoot starts: 12 noon on Friday and ends 10.30 A.M on Sunday.
  • All shooters entering the site must sign a release and hold harmless document.
  • Shooters must obey all shooting rules.
  • All state and NFA firearms rules must be adhered to.
  • No camping at shoot site will be allowed before Thursday.
  • All gun trucks/trailers will be relocated at end of line for safety reasons.
  • No parking or camping on back of firing line. This is a fire lane.
  • The dirt road to the shoot site is accessible to most vehicles (call if you have extremely big vehicle). Signage to the site will be placed along dirt road
  • Overnight camping with minimum facilities (porta johns on site).
  • All shooters must vacate their line position and not touch guns when RSO's are down range. You can ask an RSO to remove your guns while personnel are down range.
  • All shooters are responsible for the guns and ammunition while on the range.
  • RV's are welcome, but generators must be shut off from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.
  • All garbage and spent brass must be packed out when you leave.
  • Shooters my not let spectators shoot their guns for insurance reasons.
  • Day parking- spectator parking will be on the lower portion of the range.
  • Eye and ear protection must be worn during live firing.
  • Shooter badges may only be used by the person whose name appears on the badge. Failure to abide by this rule may result in the forfeiture of the shooter badge. Shooters must wear name badge so it can be viewed from the front.
  • Spectators will not be allowed past the spectator line up to the shooter line. Spectators can upgrade to a shooters badge during the shoot. Spectators can shoot the rental guns without a shooter badge upgrade.
  • No videotaping or sound recordings of the shoot will be permitted.
  • Shoot management is not responsible for theft or loss of personal property.
  • No children under 14 years of age are allowed a shooter badge.
  • No pets or animals.
  • Night shoot/tracer activities are subject to weather conditions and may be prohibited.
  • No shooting over the backstop (mountain) will be permitted.
  • Shotguns will not be allowed to shoot at aerial targets.
  • Scoped rifles will be allowed after 30 minutes at the start of each shooting session.
  • No wearing of sidearms (you can shoot your handguns).
  • No non sanctioned firearms rentals.
  • Rental firearms are available to spectators and shooters.
  • ATV's, quads and dirt bikes are not allowed.
  • Camper pullouts cannot extend into adjoining spaces.
  • No refunds are given for dinner or registration 14 days before event.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • Register For The Shoot

    Registration For Spring Shoot

    Registration for the shoot of March 2017 is now open. You can download your form HERE or visit the registration page.

    Letter to 2017 Shooters

    Kenton and Ed's spring 2017 shooter's letter CLICK HERE

    Letter To 2017 Spectators

    Ed and Kenton's spring letter to our faithful spectators who are able to attend the 2017 March event. CLICK HERE

    Spectator Matches

    Pre-registration for spectators wishing to compete in matches or take training classes. Download your form HERE or visit the Spectator Registration page.

    Sure Shot Targets

    Sure Shot Exploding Targets will again be our chief auxiliary explosion supplier with their binary reactive targets. Special for spectators: They will have smaller 22LR targets and a special firing position where you can shoot at the explosives for a small fee. Of course Sure Shot will also supply the Big Sandy window rattlers for the prime range- These full power machine-gun targets will be in addition to the normal Big Sandy one inch targets, placed at every break. Any of their products will be at a discount to Big Sandy attendees at their booth on the firing line.

    Bob Mansell For NRA Board

    The Big Sandy supports Bob Mansell for board of Directors UPDATED INFO - Click Here Late January 2017

    Fall 2016 Match Results

    Click Here for October 2016 match results.

    Updated Guidelines

    To keep us all on the same page, these are the expectations of all attendees at the Big Sandy Range
    Guidelines - CLICK HERE

    We are also always interested in your best videos. If you have content you'd like to add to the SAR Promo video, let us know at
    Rob's Email

    Big Sandy Range Rentals/Lease

    Contact Kenton Tucker
    for dates and rates

  • Private camping events
  • Testing programs
  • Video and film production
  • Special FX audio/video
  • Private machine gun rentals
  • Aerial gunnery
  • Motor-cross
  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Desert survival
  • Desert horticulture
  • Orienteering
  • Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs?

    Training Class/Packages to include:

  • Marksmanship
  • Sniping
  • Submachine gun
  • Combat pistol
  • Carbine and shotgun

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